David Rothkopf


David Rothkopf is the CEO of The Rothkopf Group, a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, host of the Deep State Radio podcast, a visiting professor of international and public affairs at the Johns Hopkins Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), and the former CEO and editor-in-chief of the FP Group.

A prolific writer, Rothkopf is the author of more than 1,000 articles on international themes for publications that, in addition to Foreign Policy, include the New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times, and Foreign Affairs. His book National Insecurity: American Leadership in an Age of Fear is his second major history of foreign policy and national security decision-making in the U.S. government. Other recent books include Power, Inc.: The Epic Rivalry Between Big Business and Government—and the Reckoning That Lies Ahead , Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making, and Running the World: The Inside Story of the National Security Council and the Architects of American Power. His most recent book is The Great Questions of Tomorrow.

He is or has recently served as a member of a number of boards and advisory boards including those associated with the U.S. Institute of Peace, IREX, the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, the Progressive Policy Institute, and the Center for the Study of the Presidency.

Previously, Rothkopf served as CEO of Garten Rothkopf and was the founder and CEO of Intellibridge Corporation, an open source intelligence provider to government and private sector organizations. Prior to that he served as managing director of Kissinger Associates.

Rothkopf served as deputy undersecretary of commerce for international trade policy in the Clinton administration and played a central role in developing the administration’s groundbreaking Big Emerging Markets Initiative. Before government, Rothkopf was founder and CEO of International Media Partners and editor and publisher of the CEO Magazine and Emerging Markets newspaper. He also served as chairman of the CEO Institute. He is a graduate of Columbia College of Columbia University and attended the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.